Robotic SDK

The robotic SDK contains:

  • the modeling software, RobotML,
  • the generator from RobotML to 3 robotics middlewares (RTMaps, Effibox and Orocos), supporting Vipalab, Wifibot, Cameleon, RTrooper and Rmax sensors and actuators,
  • the ROS bridge to make these middlewares interract with 2 robotics simulators (Blender Morse and CyCabTK).



In order to install the development toolkit, you have to launch this installation script:

Robotics SDK for Ubuntu 12.04


Copy this script on your development computer, open a new terminal and change directory to its actual location.

Then lauch the installation script using the command:



Enter your login/password and choose the packages you want to install! To obtain a login/mdp, contact us at: