S006- Dassault Scenario

Dassault Aviation is proposing scenarios extracted of previous academic collaborations and european as well as french project. For the time being two scenarios are proposed:

  1. Military related scenario - In order to provide an environment able to illustrate the planification tasks of unmanned aircraft inserted in a complex combat system, a scenario was devised and developed that put in place a team of up to 8 UCAV which global task is to destroy / inactivate an asset on an enemy airport;
  2. Civil related scenario - With respect to civil aircraft a european project was dedicated to apply visual servoing to the landing task allowing either to provide helping cues to the pilot in charge or controlling the aircraft until the first contact with the ground.

You can download documents related to that scenario on the SVN repository: http://europe.bourges.univ-orleans.fr/ldap_svn/S006_DassaultScenario