RobotML Modeling platform

RobotML is an integrated and user-consumable environment for designing robot control architectures using EMF-based modeling languages. Once completed, these models can be generated on 3 middlewares (RTMaps, Arrocam and Orocos) and 2 simulators (BlenderMorse and CyCabTK).

In order to facilitate usage of the RobotML platform, bundles have been created using the ECLIPSE® RCP (Rich Client Platform) facility (more information on this mechanism can be found on There are different bundles due to different reasons:

  • ECLIPSE® version considered - ECLIPSE® organisation is following a one version per year policy leading to the need to update platform on a regular basis. Nevertheless some bundles are remarkable with respect to a dedicated ECLIPSE version;
  • Content of bundles - Users can differ when considering what to do with RobotML platform. Some want to generate only MORSE and RT-MAPS, others needs only to model things without any associated generator. It can be interesting to have dedicated bundle in order to optimise Platform usage.


RobotML for Windows

  RobotML for Linux

RobotML for MacOS


You can find all the documentation in this page.